Use --no-backup-locks or not

I’m running a 3 node percona-xtradb-cluster:8.0.31-23.1 cluster and want to make a backup with xtrabackup. I’m looking at the options and see --no-backup-locks.

I can not really find why I should “backup locks” or “FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK”.
Can you explain the pro’s and cons?

Hello @doets001,
I would suggest you just use the defaults. Xtrabackup (PXB) will recognize PXC and use the best method with least impact to backup your node.

Backup locks are a low-impact way to lock non-transactional tables if you happen to have a mix of transactional and non-transactional. FTWRL will lock all tables in a way that prevents all writes during the backup process. You absolutely don’t want that option.

Since you are using PXC8, you can’t have any tables other than InnoDB, thus you have no non-transactional tables (unless you’ve overridden all safety mechanisms), so allowing PXB to use the defaults is the simplest thing to do.

@matthewb , thanks for the advice.