Upgrading from Ubuntu 16 to 18 in-place

  1. I'm looking at doing an in-place upgrade from Ubuntu 16 to 18. Is that a good idea when the server is running Percona?

    This cluster has the “Ubuntu 16” bits installed on it. Should I build a new server with Ubuntu 18 and the proper Percona Bionic install?

    Or… The easy (lazy) way:

    With a server with Ubuntu 16 and Percona 5.7 (for Xenial)

  2. Upgrade the server in-place from Ubuntu 16 to 18
  3. At some point, I would upgrade Percona on this server to Percona 5.7 (for Bionic)

Or is it “not safe” to do #2 and run the Percona Xenial version on it until I upgrade the minor version at some point later?

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While an in place upgrade from 16.x to 18.x (also known as a dist upgrade) is supported by both Ubuntu and Percona, it is not always guaranteed that things will go smoothly. So regardless, you should always have a full backup of your database that you have tested and verified to be good. If it were my data, I would build a second instance based on 18, migrate my data over, and only after I have verified that my data and application function well with the 18 instance, get rid of the 16 instance. This is just my opinion, best of luck to you whatever path you choose.

George O. Lorch III

Director of Server Engineering, Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and Percona XtraBackup

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