Upgrade to 2.25.0 - qan-api2 down - Dirty database version 14


I’ve upgraded PMM2 from 2.14.0 to 2.25.0 and I faced the following issue on qan-api2 :
INFO[2022-01-31T13:44:51.386+00:00] Log level: info. stdlog: dsn: clickhouse:// stdlog: Migrations: Dirty database version 14. Fix and force version.

I’ve checked this thread and ran the migration manually from here, and the following statement :

execute insert into schema_migrations (version, dirty, sequence) values(14, 0, toUnixTimestamp(NOW())*1000000000);

Now it’s started, but just to be 100% sure, can someone confirm me that it was the good thing to do ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

If you are not seeing the error anymore and everything is working, then I’d say you are good to go!

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Well, it looks OK for now :crossed_fingers:

Thanks :slight_smile: