Upgrade MySQL 5.7 to 8 using mysqldump

Hello Percona & Team,

if we choose msyqldump to upgrade the mysql 5.7 to 8.0.34 it is requried resolve all warnings/error found in upgradechecker utility. do it required to convert object utf8mb3 to utf8mb4 in mysql 5.7 before taking dump using mysqldump.

Hi @Pavanmysql ,

“required to resolve all warnings” → No.

  • But you better verify what are those warnings and how it may impact your application. Warnings about config changes, reserve words etc need your attention.

“error” → Yes

“required to convert object utf8mb3 to utf8mb4” → No.

  • But it makes you aware that “utf8” in MySQL 8 means utf8mb4 and not 4. Check the difference between the two here

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