Unsetup cross site replication with Percona MongoDB Operator

ephrase this forums post: Hi everyone,

I’m currently evaluating the Percona MongoDB Kubernetes Operator (v1.16), with a particular focus on cross-site replication. I’ve been struggling to set up the instances for the passive site. The main issues I’ve encountered are:

  • The secrets copied from the active site get overwritten by the operator.
  • The instances never reach a ready state.

Has anyone else faced similar challenges? If so, could you share any tips or best practices for successfully setting up the passive instance?

Thanks in advance for your help!

@adlk it might be quite challenging to set it up, as it requires secret copy and precise configuration on both ends (especially on the “replica” side).

Could you please share your YAML manifests?

If your secrets are rewritten, it might be that you are facing a bug from 1.16.0.

The release of 1.16.1 is today that addresses this bug.