Unrecognized option: net.tls.FIPSMode

We are moving to Percona v6 on rhel9 from Community v5 on rhel8. This parameter is fine on community. What am I missing here?

Here is part of the percona config:

# network interfaces
    FIPSMode: true
  port: 27017
#  bindIp:

Error log

Unrecognized option: net.tls.FIPSMode
try '/usr/bin/mongod --help' for more information

From my community install

test> use admin
switched to db admin
admin> db.version()
admin> db.getSiblingDB("admin").runCommand({getCmdLineOpts: 1}).parsed.net.tls.FIPSMode


Can I get a confirmation from someone with Percona whether Percona for Mongo is FIPS compliant?

Hello @ecbtfs52

Percona Server for MongoDB is based on MongoDB community version. Unfortunately MongoDB removed net.tls.FIPSMode option from MongoDB community version 6.0 (see SERVER-57004).
We will investigate what we can do with this issue.

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Thanks for the clarification and the including the link!

Will any progress to toward having this available be posted here? Just looking for a way to track this since from a dod perspective FIPS non-compliance is a Cat 1 security finding.


Are there any updates in this matter?
A bug ticket or something we can follow?
Thank you

Hello @martongaja and @ecbtfs52
We are tracking this issue in [PSMDB-1281] Enable FIPS on PSMDB 6.0 - Percona JIRA
Please subscribe for notifications on that ticket.

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