Unhide QAN queries instead of ? expecting actual query column values

Is there way that we can unhide the queries’ values running from application. we want to store the queries’ values in the QAN database instead of the question mark.

How can I unhide the queries column values?

EX: select * from table_test where col1=?; → select * from table_test where col1=100;

Hello @Naresh9999,
Are you using prepared statements in your application? Are you using slowlog or perfschema as the source for queries in PMM?

Hi @matthewb

Few app’s are using prepared statements and my query source is perfschema.

Hi @matthewb

any update ?

If you’re using performance_schema, then the data pulled will contain the digested version of the queries. This is MySQL’s behavior, not something PMM is doing.

okay got it @matthewb

If in this case slow log file is more informative than perfschema right?
Actually, we are using MariaDB 10.4 version.

Yes, slowlog will have the exact query, not the digest version.

Thanks @matthewb for the help. We will try use slowlog as source and check on that.