Unattended cluster restart

From the doc: “/etc/init.d/mysql bootstrap-pxc
This way values in my.cnf would remain unchanged. Next time node is restarted it won’t require updating the configuration file. This can be useful in case cluster has been previously set up and for some reason all nodes went down and the cluster needs to be bootstrapped again.”

Is it possible to restart a cluster in unattended mode?
I understand that to start a cluster you need first to bootstrap a first server and then boot all others. But what if there is a short power failure that reboots every server and there is no one at this moment who can perform bootstrap. Will cluster restore in some way?

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If all the cluster members are powered off in the same time, so that noone is alive, then yes, you need to manually pick one node and bootstrap it first. Of course, you should pick up a node being the most up to date in replication.
With some external software though, like ClusterControl from Severalnines, this could be done automatically.


Is its possible get info about most up to date node from any file,
timestamp or something under /var/lib/mysql catalog?

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