Unable to view PMM-QAN

Hi Team,

We are using Percona server for MongoDB version 4.4
We have a 3 node replica set where in Database Profiling is enabled.
PMM-Server Installed on Amazon EC2 Instance using Docker.
pmm2 client version - 2.29.1

Using the below command to add mongodb service.
pmm-admin add mongodb --username=user_name --password=password --environment=DEV --query-source=profiler

When we browse the PMM-QAN page, receiving error message saying “Unknown Error”. (Please refer to the below screenshot for reference).

When checked the qan-api logs, saw this
Log level: info.
stdlog: Connection: dial tcp connect: connection refused
stdlog: qan-api2 v2.20.0.

Please review and help me out.

Thank you,

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Hi Team,

We were able to figure out the Issue here.
PMM-Server version we are on is 2.20.0
pmm2-client version is 2.29.1

We tried upgrading the pmm-server version to 2.28 and It resolved the connectivity Issues.

Thank you.

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