Unable to upgrade percona server 5.7 on ubuntu 16.04

Full output of sudo apt-get install percona-server-server-5.7 below. Would appreciate tips on how to troubleshoot as nothing I’ve found elsewhere has helped

Can I just check if you are installing Percona Server for MySQL alongside MongoDB?
If not, if you could just outline what you currently have installed, what you’re upgrading from and to, and any other details that might help us understand what’s going on, that would be great.

I’m having also problem to upgrade from 5.7.20 to 5.7.21 with pre-installation script error also. I have made a separate post with details, although it is over 24h on moderation and not displayed

Hi lorraine.pocklington apologies, I assumed this site would notify me of replies (it didn’t) and I gave up trying to solve this.

In the end, completely shutting down all processes related to SQL, purging the percona-server package in question, and reinstalling from an updated dev environment setup script provided by my company’s RelEng team resolved the issue.

But to answer your question in case it can help others, yes. Percona server was installed alongside mongodb, they are two of a number of packages installed by the before mentioned env setup script. I’m not sure what version was initially installed from the script, which I had previously ran about 6 months ago when setting up this new machine, or when things got updated last before this problem occurred

Thank you for the update, it could easily help someone down the track, so that’s much appreciated.

Ah - yes, I think you have to opt in for mail notifications, sorry. I’m writing up an intro mail, I will add that in, sorry about that. We will have to see if we can be more explicit asking if you want to opt in. Thanks for the nudge and the feedback.