Unable to start MySQL...help, pls

Hello, I have MySQL 5.5.27, Source Distribution (which i inherited), running on CentOS 6.3. I ran into corruption on my federated DB, specifically on one of the partitioned tables. I am in a situation now where MySQL is looping with assertion failures because I renamed the corrupted partition…and MySQL never starts. I have tried the innodb_force_recovery options…but none seem to make a difference as MySQL still just loops and wont start. I have plenty of good backups…but cant apply them. Any ideas of what i should try next? thank you.


Is it possible for you to provide full error.log ? If you have complete backup then why don’t you move old data dir, started with new and restore backup?

Please let us know your mysql error logs / error messages which are you getting during the mysql service and also you can restore complete backup and single table backup. Also check the folder permission.