Ubuntu Linux 16.04 EOL - Effective Immediately

Ubuntu Linux 16.04 has reached its end of life on the 30th of April 2021. Even though Canonical announced that they will provide paid Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) for 16.04 for 5 more years, we have decided to stop providing releases of our software for this platform in favor of focusing our efforts on more recent versions of Ubuntu. There are two reasons:

  • ESM addresses security issues only, but the latest packages, libraries and software are not shipped. Such an approach would slow down the innovation for our engineering teams and complicate the release process.

  • We see community dropping support for Ubuntu 16.04 as well - MySQL, MongoDB (5.0), PostgreSQL

We understand that upgrading the software might be challenging, especially for mid- and large-sized environments. We would like to hear your story and concerns in this forum thread and see if we can help you with addressing them.

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