Two Nodes Disappear from the Cluster

I have Two nodes, that are not available (they was in on Esx2 and Esx2 was down) and the remaining node (node 3 in ESX1) is not able to form the quorum alone. The cluster has to switch to a non-primary mode, where MySQL refuses to serve any SQL queries. In this state, the “mysqld” process on node 3 is still running and can be connected to, but any statement related to data fails with an error.

what i see
Reads are possible until node 3 decides that it cannot access node 1 and node 2. New writes are forbidden.

My question:
If node 2 and node 1 are not available, how i can automaticaly that node 3 continue te works


Hi @kfarrahe , welcome back to the Percona forums!

If you would like to operate a PXC cluster with just one node, you can manually set node3 to PRIMARY state by executing:

SET GLOBAL wsrep_provider_options='pc.bootstrap=YES';