Troubleshooting Percona Toolkit and How to Report a Bug

We have a separate system for recording and reporting on bugs, for Percona Toolkit and for other Percona software. The forum is oriented towards discussion and advice rather than to bug reporting and fixing.

Here are a few links to content on our website that might help you with using features of Percona Toolkit - a search of the website will look through forum posts and blog posts as well as other content, so you may find exactly what you need to answer your problem there. Here are some example links for you, but you might need to search on a particular feature:
[]Webinar: A Percona Support Engineer Walkthrough for pt-stalk…rough-pt-stalk
]Blog Post: Using pt-table-checksum with Percona XtraDB Cluster…tradb-cluster/
[*]Blog Post: MySQL Replication Primer with pt-stalk and pt-table-sync:…pt-table-sync/
[/LIST]Still need help? No problem!

If you still need advice or help with resolving your issue, don’t hesitate to open up a conversation here in this forum. Please provide as much information as you can so that other community members or the Percona team can have the best chance to get you the answer that you need.

If after reviewing these resources you believe that the problem you are encountering with Percona Toolkit is a bug, it would help us a great deal if you could record your findings at - you will also be able to research if the bug is already known to us, and create a logon if needed.

Tips for reporting an issue or requesting a feature:
[]Please always search for the issue or feature first.
]If you don’t understand an error message, do continue to ask for help on this forum or contact Percona Support.
[]Test on the most recent release of the product. The issue may have already been addressed.
]Only request one feature or report one bug when creating an issue.
[]Keep it brief but be sure to include important details.
]Remember the basics, what you did, what you wanted or expected to happen, and what actually happened.
[/LIST] If you find that you have a bug after discussing an issue on the forum, it would be great if you could follow this process to record the problem on Jira.

Thank you!