To upgrade Xtrabackup

Hi!First time I ever try to upgrade my recently new 3-node XtraDB cluster.

I’m also going to upgrade Xtrabackup at the same time (2.4.12 → 2.4.20).

Should I:

  1. Upgrade one node at a time? Take one down, upgrade, restart…
  2. Upgrade all at the same time? Take all down, upgrade, restart…

I’ve modified my installation a bit… I’ve got Percona installed in a chroot on an encrypted file system. I’m guessing this won’t have any impact on the upgrade. I did try an upgrade on a single copied VM, and it seemed to go perfectly fine.

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Hello @dewiclements,
Upgrade xtrabackup first. I’m assuming this is PXC 5.7 as xtrabackup 2.4 won’t work with PXC 8.0.

Both 1 & 2 work fine; it depends on your requirements for HA. With method 1, your cluster will stay online the entire time provided you have some sort of router to move traffic as you take a node offline.

Just to flush out #2: shut down all nodes. upgrade the packages. bootstrap node1, wait for online, then start node2, then node3,

If this is an upgrade from 5.7 → 8.0, I recommend method #2.

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Hello @matthewb . Thanks a lot, will try

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