the pmm client still send the data to old pmm-server after reconfig the pmm-server's iP

1、 the pmm client’s server is IP1 by command "pmm-admin config --server IP1"2、 there are too many data in server IP1, so I change some client to new server IP23、 after change to the pmm server IP2,  all the configuration are IP2, but the pmm client still send the metrics data to IP1 and IP2, # pmm-admin listpmm-admin 1.17.1
PMM Server      | IP2:80
# cat /usr/local/percona/pmm-client/pmm.ymlserver_address: IP2:80
# pmm-admin check-networkServer Address | IP2:80

I restart the service in pmm client, but the pmm client still send the metrics data to both IP1 and IP2,pmm-admin stop --allpmm-admin remove --allpmm-admin add linux:metricspmm-admin add mysql:metrics
even I uninstall the pmm client, the pmm client still send the metrics data to both IP1 and IP2rpm -e pmm-client-1.17.1-1.el7.x86_64yum install pmm-client
how can I stop the pmm client to send the data to old pmm server(IP1)

Prometheus on IP1 is still configured for scrapping exporters on your client machine.
You may check Prometheus targets -> https://IP1/prometheus/targets

You should config back pmm-client to IP1 server and perform commands for removing instances. 
# pmm-admin remove --help
After it you may reconfigure pmm-client to IP2 server.

thanks for your reply,I remove the instance by these commands:pmm-admin stop --allpmm-admin remove --allpmm-admin uninstallpmm-admin repairpmm-admin config–server IP1
but it report errors:Unable to restart queries service for MySQL: “systemctl” failed: exit status 5
I cann’t config back pmm-client to IP1  :frowning:

Yes, you are right.
I have managed to overcome it by modify the file /usr/local/percona/pmm-client/pmm.yml manually.
You should set "server_address: IP1"
Also mysql service has to be added again. 
# pmm-admin add mysql PS_NODE-1
# pmm-admin remove mysql PS_NODE-1 
Please replace PS_NODE-1 name by an instance name that is show in prometheus targets for IP1

it  works, thank you !