System Lock not allowing Data to be inserted into the database

I have someone whose trying to insert data through some mobile software and they keep getting an error. Upon further investigation through mysql workbench. I have found the following:

A connection with the info displaying INTERNAL DDL LOG RECOVER IN PROGRESS and the state being a system lock.

After querying the performance schema database I found there are 4 locks. 3 wait/synch/rwlock/myisam/MYISAM_SHARE::key_root_lock and one ::mmap_lock. Each then has a unique object instance begin numerical value. write lcked by thread id are all null for all of those and read locked by count are all 0.

‘wait/synch/rwlock/myisam/MYISAM_SHARE::key_root_lock’, ‘111175228706368’, NULL, ‘0’
‘wait/synch/rwlock/myisam/MYISAM_SHARE::key_root_lock’, ‘111175228706432’, NULL, ‘0’
‘wait/synch/rwlock/myisam/MYISAM_SHARE::key_root_lock’, ‘111175228706496’, NULL, ‘0’
‘wait/synch/rwlock/myisam/MYISAM_SHARE::mmap_lock’, ‘111175228705272’, NULL, ‘0’

It seems like in the performance schema rwlock_instances table there are no locks listed now. This is after i restarted the server. Yet on the main thread I am still seing the system lock that INTERAL DDL LOG RECOVER IN PROGRESS.

What do I need to do to solve this issue and remove the system lock?