Successfully scraped status with query: SHOW SLAVE STATUS error on Pmm 2.9.1

Hi Team,

i installed pmm2 2.9.1 and monitoring mysql 5.7 but getting below error 
please have a look.

1>  level=info msg=“Successfully scraped status with query: SHOW SLAVE STATUS” source=“slave_status.go:113"

2 > pmm-agent: tablespace_allocated_size_bytes” { label:<name:“tablespace_name” value:“abc/soap_error_code” > gauge:<value:98304 > } was collected before with the same name and label values\n* [from Gatherer #1] collected metric “mysql_info_schema_innodb_tablespace_file_size_bytes” { label:<nam

Hi Gajendra,
Please ignore the first message. It’s generated by an unnecessary debug message in slave_status collector.
The second error means that metrics mysql_info_schema_innodb_tablespace_allocated_size_bytes is collected twice for the same table name.
Could you compare list of tables directly in mysql and on Prometheus side (https://<Your_PMM_Installation_URL>/prometheus/)?
SELECT * FROM information_schema.innodb_sys_tablespaces;

count by (tablespace_name) (mysql_info_schema_innodb_tablespace_allocated_size_bytes)

Thanks  adivinho,

Is there any  way to disabled the slave_status collector 

Sad to say but it’s not possible now.