Stuck atter node crash

I’m running a 4 node k8s cluster (one control plane and 3 workers) in a Proxmox 5 node cluster, and running a 3 node xtradb cluster on the worker nodes. Last night, the physical node supporting one of my k8s worker nodes crashed. For a few hours, the database remained accessible; but now I’m stuck in this mode and the database is no longer available

cluster1-haproxy-0                                 1/2     Running            34 (30s ago)     11d
cluster1-haproxy-1                                 2/2     Terminating        0                8d
cluster1-haproxy-2                                 1/2     CrashLoopBackOff   31 (2m13s ago)   8d
cluster1-pxc-0                                     2/3     Running            13 (2m12s ago)   11d
cluster1-pxc-2                                     3/3     Terminating        0                4d3h

Help! Is there a way forward where I can get a least a 2-node cluster back up and running?