strange number of records on XTRADB master-master

Hello everybody,
I have noticed a very strange behavior with my master-master system. First of all, I have 2 mysql nodes and two quorums into the same cluster. Every command that i write says synced and everything works very smoothly. Although, I noticed today from my heidisql mysql gui that some tables have differences. I walked quickly to the mysql command and i wrote down “select count(*) from jobs;” to check out the records of the table. Each node shows me what i expected, that the table is the same as number of records. Every time that i refresh my heidisql gui, these numbers are changing, but the records are the same. What causes the gui to shows that the two tables are different? Is any convinced answer?
Best Regards,

What kind of differences this GUI shows? Could it be the table status which is just an estimate for InnoDB tables?