Storage Related Query

Hi all, is there any limit on the storage provided for the pxc(like in aws rds aurora mysql allows us to use upto 64 TB of storage )


Hello @saloni24 ,

if we talk about running PXC on Kubernetes you might face the following limits related to storage:

  1. The size of the persistent volume (PV/PVC) or the size of the local storage. For example on AWS maximum EBS size is 16 TBs. You can combine the volumes, but with some hacks.
  2. Then comes the limitation of the InnoDB storage engine itself. By default single tablespace can hold 64 TBs of data. It can be increased up to 256 TBs if InnoDB Page Size is increased as well.
    Partitioned tables, as one partition uses one tablespace, can be bigger that 256 TBs.

One more important thing: Percona XtraDB Cluster works in synchronous mode. Meaning all commits are synchronous on all nodes. Running huge databases on PXC might be tricky and performance would depend on application access patterns.


Thank you so much for your response.