SSL Required Error

I am getting below error, when i tried to access db, i used helm charts for installation and i have checked the following config all are disabled state

  • tlsmode,
  • server_tls_sslmode
  • client_tls_sslmode

How to fix this issue and i am using helm charts for installing percona/pg-db

kubectl run -i --rm --tty percona-client --image=perconalab/percona-distribution-postgresql:13.2 --restart=Never – psql “postgres://${POSTGRES_USER}:${NEW_POSTGRES_PASSWORD}@
psql: error: FATAL: SSL required
pod “percona-client” deleted
pod default/percona-client terminated (Error)

Hi @Satheesh_Kumar,

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Are you installing our operator? Did you follow the steps outlined here: Install with Helm - Percona Operator for PostgreSQL


Yes , i have followed the same steps, when i install postgres alone in a different cluster it is working fine but with the existing cluster including other apps deployed i am getting SSL Error as above