Sql issue with collation change

When i tried to apply: character set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci,

it pops with this error:

2024-05-29T13:48:59 Error copying rows from schema.table_name to schema._table_name_new: 2024-05-29T13:48:59 Copying rows caused a MySQL error 1300:
Level: Warning
Code: 1300
Message: Invalid utf8mb4 character string: ‘A4F64D’

This ONLY happens when the field im modifying is of type utf8_unicode_ci…i.e.: upgrading to utf8mb4 seems to not work. I can confirm that all the rows being copied over have no bizarre characters in them…

Hi @mmayantz
As an idea, have you found that row and fully checked it?

These kinds of errors are mostly related to the data, but if you can provide your table structure and syntax while using schema changes, we can have a better idea of it.

Please be aware this is a public website, and make sure to apply reduction on your field and table names and so on.