splitHorizon DNS?


I think about switching from MongoDBCommunity-Operator to the Percona MongoDB Operator. However, I need the splitHorizon for DNS, like it is documented here: Connect to a MongoDB Database Resource from Outside Kubernetes — MongoDB Kubernetes Operator 1.18

Does the Percona MongoDB Operator include this feature?

Thanks and kind regards.


Hey @rdxmbr,

the article you shared talks about exposing mongodb outside of k8s. We for sure do support it. Read more here: Exposing the cluster - Percona Operator for MongoDB

Thanks, @Sergey_Pronin

I had just read that. However, for this we need additional LoadBalancer-IPs or NodePorts.

With splitHorizon, it is possible to route the external traffic via traefik with IngressRouteTCP

This way it is possible to get external access

  • via Domains / SNI and TLS-certificates for this domains
  • without additional external IPs

I assume, this is not possible with the latest percona operator. Is it?

Kind regards!

Got it! You are right, it is not possible right now.
Do you use MongoDB Community Operator and rely on this feature?

Hello @Sergey_Pronin
yes, I do.