Source code (GitHub or similar) of Percona's PostgreSQL distribution

My question is kinda similar to this one - but I don’t want an .rpm or .deb or anything else. I just want the source code of the distribution - I prefer manual installs - TIA and rgs. Pól…

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Hi @PA_l ,
What we have from Percona is a distribution. This is similar to Linux Distributions where the actual source of the Kernel comes from
The PostgreSQL included in Percona Distribution is the same, real PostgreSQL ( All development happens there and we also contribute there (at least as of now) as it is a community project.
If you are interested in the source code, You may clone the git repo.

git clone git://

If you are looking for release tarballs of source code, They are available at

Our packaging scripts are available here


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Hi @PA_l ,

you can obtain the individual packages including the source tarball from this location:

This link is currently difficult to reach from the site navigation, we’re working on improving our PG download pages at the moment.