Someone can help me in mysql

I am a new guy in WEB developing field, I just graduated from college. In my company, my boss gives me an order about “if I can solve those two problems, I can remain in this company after probation period”.
The two problems like this:

First one is handling of crashed MyISAM after power failure as check and repair, repair the broken table less than 1 hours,(the table is partitioned in every 1 hour, so one day will has 24 partitions), I found I can use the “ALTLER TABLE ** CHECK PARTITION ** , and ALTLER TABLE ** REPAIR PARTITION ** “ commands to fix one partition quickly to Response to this problem.

Second one is the partition number of MySQL is just 1024, I should design a scenario to make the system insert data into this table with out volume limit. So I don’t have any idea about this problem

One partition of this table will has about 50 million, so 1 day will has 1 billion or more data to insert into this table .

This product do not use the binlog backup, because they think it will consume storage space, and it just uses one server as database no database cluster no master-slave backup.

Does anyone can give some advices to fix those problem.