some puzzle on understanding xtrabackup

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  1. blocking
    When I use innobackupex to take the backup on master or on slave with the --slave-info option, the whole procedure of backup NEED
    locking all tables until copying all .ibd files are finished with FRM files and similar files.
    So it is fact that innobackupex is NOT really non-blocking tool,right?
    I know the --no-lock option is also supported, but I DO CARE about the binlog position for setting up replication.

  2. non-blocking
    xtrabackup binary could implement the non-blocking backup, but satisfy two requirements: #1. no DDL running #2. only including InnoDB tables.
    Running the --prepare option can create the new file named by xtrabackup_binlog_pos_innodb. We are able to get the binlog file and posistion from the file. That is cool for setting up replication,as well :slight_smile:
    right now my question is starting up. If we take backup of the online DB, it means update is still be there - ibd files are still updated. How do we determine when the end of one ibd file is?

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