Small query on "GRANT STATEMENT"


Can some one care to clear one doubt for me on setting up replication.

I am following this tutorial :- _up_replication.html under which it is said under POINT no. 3

TheMaster|mysql> GRANT REPLICATION SLAVE ON . TO ‘repl’@‘$slaveip’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘$slavepass’;

I need to know what slave password is it referring to ?

Is it the Mysql Password or the ROOT server password that we must use ?

Please assist !!

Thank you

It is a new password that you can choose, and is later used in CHANGE MASTER TO on the slave.

Thank you so very much ‘gmouse’, Highly appreciate your assistance.

I shall give it a try.

I would also appreciate if you could refer to another query of mine in another thread titled :-

“Slave_SQL_Running: No”

Thank you