Slow "SHOW BINARY LOGS" @8.0.23 server

Dear all,
after upgrading into 8.0.23 we are facing pretty frequent slow log spamming (via pmm client) and even executing by hand “SHOW BINARY LOGS” took very long time (5-10seconds). I tried to profile this query, looks like 99.9% of time is during “starting” phase.
Any ideas how can I improve this or is it already known bug? Number of binlog files in output is not that huge (<500).
Thank you, very appreciated!


Hi @jirisula , thank you for posting your question on the Percona forums!
You can set the frequency that the data is collected by modifying the metrics resolution parameter:
SHOW BINARY LOGS is designed to list the names and sizes of each binary log on disk. If you are seeing 5-10 seconds then it sounds like you may need to look at your disk performance, as that duration to list ~500 files is excessive.

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Hello, Michael!
Thank you for your interest!
Disk is in 100% condition, change appeared with upgrading into 8.0.23, no trace about it in previous versions. As far as downgrade is not possible, we need to adjust pmm settings (till 8.0.24 is out there). Thanks!