Slave Getting Stuck

I recently decided to install Percona Server (GPL), Release 30, Revision 8916819 (5.7) Into a Master Master setup (only one side active at a time though) with a couple of slaves. Every since I did that all the slaves are falling behind.

What appears to have happened is that every slave gets “stuck” on some sort of transaction (all the slaves) when it gets stuck I can not stop the slave and have to crash the slave, restart without the slave running skip the transaction and then restart.

At First I thought it was cause maybe one of the slaves was running the mysql version so I upgraded it. same issue… If I was a betting man I would say that something on the master is causing a corrupt transaction to be written. but I have done just about everything I can to make sure that is not the case (sync all files, make sure I am not swapping, all the normal items to ensure ACID compliance) on the slaves as things were a bit slow I turned off most of the sync items and even spread the IO across a few different LUNS…

Has anyone else run into this problem? I really did not wanna go back to the mysql version as I really need the audit plugin of percona