Slave backup WITHOUT using safe-slave-backup

I see it’s recommended to use this option, and, can understand if the backup will be used to start another replicated slave from it, it’s really necessary most likely.

But, what if, as is the case for me, the backup is intended only to be used as a backup of the master database in essence? A point in time backup? Probably, never restored except in case of disaster of some sort, someone purges data, etc.?

I would think it ok and not unsafe. Any comments?


If you are backing up from the master, you don’t need to use option “safe-slave-backup” but if backing up from slave, you must use it.

Because, while taking backup on slave server, you have to ensure consistent replication state. When you will use this option, it will stops the slave SQL thread and wait to start backing up until “Slave_open_temp_tables” in “SHOW STATUS” is zero. If there are no open temporary tables, the backup will take place, otherwise the SQL thread will be started and stopped until there are no open temporary tables. That’s how you will get consistent backup from the slave.

Yes, I do know what it does however the doc recommends using it, not “requires”. Keep in mind what I asked. I am indeed taking the backup on the slave. However, it is NEVER going to be used to start a slave. Which the way I understand it, is what the option is for. Temp tables can cause a problem in that situation.

The backup is merely to be used to restore onto a master machine if somehow the master drives all fail, etc. To me, this means it should be ok since the scenarios the option is for shouldn’t be a factor.

Am I right? If not, give me a scenario where this would fail.