Single pane of glass to check replication status across all servers

We are in the process of migrating from another solution to PMM, and while we love the additional information that PMM can provide, we’re finding one sticking point that we would love to alter.

Right now, from what we can find, we are unable to get a “single pane” for showing all replication statuses. This is something we really liked about the current software, and would love to replicate in PMM.

Yes, we can iterate through each of the nodes in the current replication pages, but we’d really like one view to show us the current status of ALL replications that are enabled.

Ideally, it would show the current status (up/down, or even broken down to show both (io/sql) as well as seconds behind).

Is there any possibility of “crossing node boundaries” like this to build one single page to display this?

Ideally it would see/add these nodes automatically, BUT, if we need to add the nodes manually, that is fine.

Thank you for any assistance!

Try this… I leverage a couple of custom variables but you should get the overal aspect…

This also leverages loki so you might need to make a fake datasource if you do not already have loki

replication.txt (162.2 KB)

Thank you for this! I will look into how to add loki, and/or a fake datasource (unless you have something here in the forum for it), and try it out!

I appreciate it!

This was perfect! I removed the few items (Loki related), and it is exactly what I wanted/needed! Thank you so much!