Show slave hosts getting clobbered

Hi all!

I’m experiencing issues with Percona Server 5.6 version 5.6.26 rel74.0.el6.

Doing a show slave hosts; on our master server shows all slaves, except for a couple of cases. I have two sets of servers that seem to clobber each other in the show slave hosts list.

Scenario :

  1. Slave A shows up in show slave hosts;
  2. Slave B begins slaving from master and replaces Slave A in the show slave hosts; list.
  3. If I then stop and start Slave A, it replaces Slave B in the list.
  4. This is also happening for another pair of slave hosts on the same master.

I’ve tried rebuilding both Slave A and Slave B from scratch (complete wipe of the host). I am restoring the DB via a mylvmbackup restore from another slave. The servers received new UUIDs when they were rebuilt - each slave is assigned a unique server-id as well.

Any ideas what might be causing this and what I can do to resolve it?

I’m trying to use mysqlrpladmin and mysqlfailoverd for high availability operations, but without the correct slaves showing up in show slave hosts;, I’m reluctant to use these tools.