show engine innodb status - Undo Log Entries for Loooong Running Inserts

I have a long-running insert statement (several days so far) in a stored procedure. I can see the undo log entries growing - however the growth rate is much slower than it was in the beginning of the process. Question: Is there a 1:1 relationship between the number of rows that have been inserted and the number of undo log entries?

I understand that my procedure needs to be modified for future use to use explicit commits during the process. I’m trying to judge the number of rows that have been inserted and how many are left to be inserted based upon the undo log entries and the number of rows in the source table. Is this a safe assumption or are there multiple rows buffered into a single undo log entry? I would like to be able to judge how much longer this may run - and kill the process if I think the rollback/start-over option is better (MySQL 5.6.13)