Sharding with aws IAM auth

I started to use percona mongodb recently, I deployed everything on a EKS cluster, with helm charts (argocd behind). I currently have a sharded mongodb instance with 2 mongos, 3 confidb, and two shards with one instance each (test environment), I want my services and users to authenticate using aws IAM roles, I’ve tried two things:

First I tried to setup aws iam auth like said in the percona documentation, it doesn’t say anything about sharded instances so I assumed I had to set the configuration on my mongos. I got a first error saying that security.authorization is not authorized on mongos, so I removed it, and then the pod was never ready because the command listDatabase requires authentication.

So then I removed all configuration and tried to login anyway, but I got the error Error: connect EHOSTUNREACH I’ve searched for this error but I found nothing related to percona mongodb, and nothing related to what issue I could have. I think I am on the right path tho.

Has anyone encountered this kind of error ? Or does anyone has experience with this kind of setup ?
Thank you very much, if you need extra configuration files or log files I will provide them. Thanks !