setting one 'evs' variable in 'wsrep_provider_options' results in 'Numerical result out of range'

I was googling it around, but couldn’t find any clue. I want to set wsrep_provider_options=“evs.suspect_timeout=PT1S”, but PXC (8.0.19-10) won’t start and its complaining about another variable having out of range value. All my ‘evs’ variables have default values.Can you please help me to solve this issue?

If you remove that parameter, does PXC start correctly?

Yes it does. Also when I follow this statement in error log: “‘evs.keepalive_period’ value PT1S is out of range [PT0.1S,PT0.333333S)” and set evs.suspect_timeout=PT1S AND evs.keepalive_period=PT0.3S it works.

I just wonder, why there is such dependency among these variables? I would prefer to set just those I need and leave the others with their default values.

Next thing: setting evs.inactive_timeout=PT3S results in that error again, but the statement in error log is requiring even narrower range:

Not sure why there’s a link between those variables. WSREP variables come from the Galera library. You might consider opening a bug so our developers can take a look.