Server starts to work slowly or hangs

Then server load grows, server starts to work slowly or hangs. In slow log appears queries, witch in normal mode performed immediately and
With this commands I got log file in moment of peak load
FILE=/root/mysql/log/date +%d-%m-%Y-%H_%M_%S.log
mysql -uroot -p --auto-vertical-output -e “SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS” >> $FILE
mysql -uroot -p --auto-vertical-output -e “SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST” >> $FILE
mysql -uroot -p --auto-vertical-output -e “SELECT * FROM mysql.general_log” >> $FILE (77.9 KB) (84.2 KB)


I tried to download the files and check but its too big that I can’t able to open it. In this scenario, I would suggest you to run pt-stalk utility of percona to collect the required statistics and diagnose the issue.