segfault Percona Server 5.7.28-31

We run multiple percona mysql instances and in the last days we had a major failure on 2 of them
mysql service stops logging (so nothing useful) and becomes unresponsive (all connections are refused) but while checking service status is still active. No auto recovery and the only lines that we found at the exact time the issue started were the following. 

kernel: [6964060.309030] mysqld[27881]: segfault at 7f1687ffffff ip 00000000010b40be sp 00007f1dff1416c0 error 6 in mysqld[400000+15ae000]kernel: [6964060.310975] mysqld[43547]: segfault at 7f1713ffffff ip 00000000010b40be sp 00007f1ee8c076c0 error 6 in mysqld[400000+15ae000]

are there any know issues  like this? any suggestions or tools we can use to get more information on what’s causing the issue?

Hi @dinchu
To help you with this issue, we need to look into mysql error entries. Do see a crash in mysql log / any error, if yes I would suggest reporting it as a bug to our bug database and will have look.  
Here the link: