Schema that Imports in 5.5 Doesn't In 5.6 or 5.7

I’m trying to figure out exactly what has changed between version 5.5 and 5.6 that introduced this row size too large error. I’ve tried using both Barracuda and Antelope in 5.7. I’ve tried setting row_format to dynamic and compressed. Nothing works. I’ve read the documentation and am just not seeing what’s changed that is causing this problem. Yes, I know this table is crazy large, but there’s nothing I can do about that at this time.

Here is the one table that is failing:

CREATE TABLE form_4_data (
id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
instance_id int(11) NOT NULL,
field_225 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_227 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_229 mediumtext,
field_231 mediumtext,
field_233 mediumtext,
field_236 mediumtext,
field_237 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_239 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_241 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_243 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_245 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_246 mediumtext,
field_249 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_250 mediumtext,
field_251 mediumtext,
field_252 mediumtext,
field_253 mediumtext,
field_254 mediumtext,
field_255 mediumtext,
field_256 mediumtext,
field_257 mediumtext,
field_260 mediumtext,
field_261 mediumtext,
field_263 mediumtext,
field_264 mediumtext,
field_266 mediumtext,
field_267 mediumtext,
field_269 mediumtext,
field_271 mediumtext,
field_273 mediumtext,
field_276 mediumtext,
field_279 mediumtext,
field_281 mediumtext,
field_283 mediumtext,
field_285 mediumtext,
field_287 mediumtext,
field_289 mediumtext,
field_291 mediumtext,
field_294 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_297 mediumtext,
field_300 mediumtext,
field_301 mediumtext,
field_302 mediumtext,
field_304 mediumtext,
field_305 mediumtext,
field_306 mediumtext,
field_307 mediumtext,
field_308 mediumtext,
field_309 mediumtext,
field_310 mediumtext,
field_311 mediumtext,
field_312 mediumtext,
field_313 mediumtext,
field_314 mediumtext,
field_315 mediumtext,
field_316 mediumtext,
field_317 mediumtext,
field_318 mediumtext,
field_319 mediumtext,
field_320 mediumtext,
field_321 mediumtext,
field_322 mediumtext,
field_323 mediumtext,
field_324 mediumtext,
field_325 mediumtext,
field_326 mediumtext,
field_327 mediumtext,
field_328 mediumtext,
field_329 mediumtext,
field_330 mediumtext,
field_331 mediumtext,
field_332 mediumtext,
field_333 mediumtext,
field_334 mediumtext,
field_335 mediumtext,
field_336 mediumtext,
field_337 mediumtext,
field_338 mediumtext,
field_339 mediumtext,
field_340 mediumtext,
field_341 mediumtext,
field_342 mediumtext,
field_343 mediumtext,
field_344 mediumtext,
field_345 mediumtext,
field_346 mediumtext,
field_347 mediumtext,
field_348 mediumtext,
field_349 mediumtext,
field_350 mediumtext,
field_351 mediumtext,
field_352 mediumtext,
field_353 mediumtext,
field_354 mediumtext,
field_355 mediumtext,
field_356 mediumtext,
field_357 mediumtext,
field_358 mediumtext,
field_359 mediumtext,
field_360 mediumtext,
field_361 mediumtext,
field_362 mediumtext,
field_363 mediumtext,
field_364 mediumtext,
field_365 mediumtext,
field_366 mediumtext,
field_367 mediumtext,
field_368 mediumtext,
field_369 mediumtext,
field_371 mediumtext,
field_372 mediumtext,
field_373 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_374 mediumtext,
field_375 mediumtext,
field_376 mediumtext,
field_377 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_0 mediumtext,
field_379 mediumtext,
field_380 mediumtext,
field_381 mediumtext,
field_383 mediumtext,
field_384 mediumtext,
field_385 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_386 mediumtext,
field_387 mediumtext,
field_389 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_390 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_391 mediumtext,
field_392 mediumtext,
field_394 mediumtext,
field_395 mediumtext,
field_396 mediumtext,
field_397 mediumtext,
field_1 mediumtext,
field_401 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_434 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_436 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_438 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_487 mediumtext,
field_492 mediumtext,
field_2 mediumtext,
field_505 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_678 mediumtext,
field_681 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_682 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_683 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_684 mediumtext,
field_686 mediumtext,
field_687 mediumtext,
field_688 mediumtext,
field_689 mediumtext,
field_690 mediumtext,
field_694 mediumtext,
field_760 mediumtext,
field_784 mediumtext,
field_786 mediumtext,
field_824 mediumtext,
field_827 mediumtext,
field_828 mediumtext,
field_829 mediumtext,
field_830 mediumtext,
field_853 mediumtext,
field_864 mediumtext,
field_865 mediumtext,
field_868 mediumtext,
field_870 mediumtext,
field_871 mediumtext,
field_872 mediumtext,
field_873 mediumtext,
field_874 mediumtext,
field_875 mediumtext,
field_876 mediumtext,
field_877 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_878 mediumtext,
field_879 mediumtext,
field_880 mediumtext,
field_881 mediumtext,
field_882 mediumtext,
field_883 mediumtext,
field_884 mediumtext,
field_885 mediumtext,
field_886 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_887 mediumtext,
field_888 int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
field_889 mediumtext,
field_890 mediumtext,
field_891 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_892 mediumtext,
field_893 mediumtext,
field_894 mediumtext,
field_895 mediumtext,
field_896 mediumtext,
field_897 mediumtext,
field_898 mediumtext,
field_899 mediumtext,
field_900 mediumtext,
field_901 mediumtext,
field_902 mediumtext,
field_903 mediumtext,
field_904 mediumtext,
field_905 mediumtext,
field_948 mediumtext,
field_958 mediumtext,
field_959 mediumtext,
field_970 mediumtext,
field_971 mediumtext,
field_972 mediumtext,
field_973 mediumtext,
field_974 mediumtext,
field_975 mediumtext,
field_976 mediumtext,
field_977 mediumtext,
field_978 mediumtext,
field_979 mediumtext,
field_980 mediumtext,
field_981 mediumtext,
field_982 mediumtext,
field_983 mediumtext,
field_984 mediumtext,
field_985 mediumtext,
field_986 mediumtext,
field_987 mediumtext,
field_988 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_989 datetime DEFAULT NULL,
field_990 mediumtext,
field_991 mediumtext,
field_992 mediumtext,
field_994 mediumtext,
field_995 mediumtext,
field_996 mediumtext,
field_997 mediumtext,
field_998 mediumtext,
field_1014 mediumtext,
field_1015 mediumtext,
field_1016 mediumtext,
field_1017 mediumtext,
field_1018 mediumtext,
field_1019 mediumtext,
field_1020 mediumtext,
field_1021 mediumtext,
field_1024 mediumtext,
field_1028 mediumtext,
field_1029 mediumtext,
field_1030 mediumtext,
field_1031 mediumtext,
field_1032 mediumtext,
field_1033 mediumtext,
field_1034 mediumtext,
field_1035 mediumtext,
field_1036 mediumtext,
field_1037 mediumtext,
field_1038 mediumtext,
field_1061 mediumtext,
field_1062 mediumtext,
field_1063 mediumtext,
field_1064 mediumtext,
field_1066 mediumtext,
field_1067 mediumtext,
field_1068 mediumtext,
field_1069 mediumtext,
field_1070 mediumtext,
field_1071 mediumtext,
field_1072 mediumtext,
field_1073 mediumtext,
field_1075 mediumtext,
field_1076 mediumtext,
field_1078 mediumtext,
field_1080 mediumtext,
field_1081 mediumtext,
field_1082 mediumtext,
field_1083 mediumtext,
field_1084 mediumtext,
field_1085 mediumtext,
field_1086 mediumtext,
KEY instance_id (instance_id),
KEY field_681 (field_681),
KEY field_682 (field_682),
KEY field_683 (field_683),
KEY field_877 (field_877),
KEY field_886 (field_886),
KEY field_888 (field_888),
KEY field_891 (field_891),
KEY field_988 (field_988),
KEY field_989 (field_989)