Scheduled backups are not deleted from Azure Blob


I recently switched my Percona Backups to use Azure Blob Storage. However, now I noticed that all backups that were scheduled by the Operator using the backup.tasks options, will not get deleted from Azure Blob. Now I’m left with terrabytes of old backups that are far behind the actual number of backups I configured Percona to keep. Is this a common problem and is there a fix?

      enabled: true
      image: "percona/percona-xtradb-cluster-operator:1.12.0-pxc5.7-backup"
      imagePullPolicy: Always
      backoffLimit: 3

        enabled: false

          type: azure
            credentialsSecret: database-backup-storage-account
            container: backup

        - name: "two-hourly-backup"
          schedule: "0 */2 * * *" # do backup every 2 hours
          keep: 100
          storageName: blob

This is my configuration for backups from the operator.

PS.: If I create an on-demand backup with the delete-s3-backup finalizer, and delete that backup, it will be deleted fine. I also can’t find any errors in the log. So my guess is that the scheduled backups are missing the finalizer delete-s3-backup.

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Hey @Stu ,

we will check this! Thanks for reporting.

@Stu Thank you for your report. It looks like we have a problem on our side. We will fix it in the next release. You can check the task progress in the ticket [K8SPXC-1197] Backup Finalizer do not correctly delete backups from Azure - Percona JIRA