Safely test restore process with PBM

I’ve got an S3 backup target, and am wanting to do test restores to a different system to do regular automatic validation. I’ll get it set up with the same replica set name, but what I’m wondering is if there is a clear defined process for safely pointing that restore instance to the same S3 destination. For various reasons, setting up a readonly user is not easy.

Is it safe to just supply the pbm-storage.conf with pitr.enabled:false - and then making sure to never run ‘pbm backup’ on that instance?

Is there any way to explicitly mark the storage section as ‘read only’ (if not, that would be a useful feature request).

Key requirement here is that I need to be certain the test restore box doesn’t alter the backups on the target storage area.

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Hi, take a look at this blog post for the restore to a different environment part. Currently there is no way to mark the storage as read only from pbm, so I suggest you simply create another user with read-only perms to S3 bucket.

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