Run the optimization process using pt-archiver on other partition

When we run the optimization process on some XYZ table using pt-archiver, the optimization process is using /mnt/data (default Data directory) which do not have enough disk space to run the process, so instead of that i have added new disk called (/optimization-data partition) to run the optimization. Looking for an option to pass the new disk as parameter and try to run the optimization process on that disk.

Is there any such option is available to run the percona pt-archiver (for optimize) to include specific partition in the command
Below is the current command we use for optimize

pt-archiver --no-check-charset --source h=localhost,D=ABCD,t=XYZ --purge --optimize=s --where “id < 12345” ========================================
we need to include /optimization-data partition to run the optimization process

fyi… I have made the changes in the configuration file to read the tmpdir as below
sesemi@mysql [(none)]> show variables like ‘tmpdir’;

| Variable_name | Value |
| tmpdir | /optimization-data |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
Thank you


It is not possible to specify a different mount point to run the optimizer but you can move the table to a different (and PERMANENT) mount point using pt-online-schema-change:

Thank you for making me clear