Run a repair and optimization query in Mysql database


I need to install my java application in a non-US operating machine. It has mysql as DB. After installing the app it is not working properly for some links, where as it works without any issues. I am not able to get the logs also. But I got a temporary work around like running the following command in the non-US operating system.

“for %i in (*.MYI) do …\bin\myisamchk --defaults-file=…\my.cnf -c -r -a -v %i”

After applying this it works without any issues in the Non-Us OS. But I need to fix it permenantly, since customer wont accept the temp solution.

Please help on this.


What does “non-US” mean ?

What does the mysql error log contain ?

Also, when it is not working properly for some links:
Is there an error message returned? What is it ?