Rules for running pt-online-schema-change on XtraDB Cluster

I have a 3 node XtraDB cluster running version 5.6.24-72.2-56. Last week I took the cluster down to one node, imported a single database by importing the schema, exporting the innobackup with the export option, dropping the table space, and importing the tablespace. I then bootstrapped the cluster from the single node. The database replicated as expected and is available on all nodes, however the larger tables were in obvious need of optimization, queries against the database were taking an extraordinarily long time to complete.

I attempted an optimize by running pt-online-schema-change --alter “Engine=InnoDB” against the larger tables, which failed with error “Copying rows caused a MySQL error 1180”, The message was: Got error 5 during COMMIT.

The table itself is not yet in use, so I’m not worried about locking, but for whatever reason when running Optimize against this table directly causes the entire server to lock up, not just the table.

Any assistance would be appreciated.