Resume Monitoring of Clients after PMM Server Restart

Hi Team, Can you please let me know how can we Resume Monitoring of PMM Clients if we restart the PMM Server. Please provide the steps on how to configure via a script (or) any other Means.
Thanks & Regards,
kalyan  varma 

Could you provide a little more information on what you’re running into?  I regularly recycle my PMM server docker container and even issue restarts inside the container depending on what I’m messing with and communication just picks back up.  If you’re talking about restarting the host that the PMM server runs on, I’ve had my fair share of headaches with SELinux and Iptables not allowing communication to the docker container.  What version is this and are you getting any errors (take a look at the prometheus targets (https://<pmmserver>/prometheus/targets) that might help isolate a culprit?  

Updated to Recent version of PMM and we are good. Thanks.