Restore of Database Backup

Whenever we try to restore the backup of the database on same database or on another database, then it copy some objects and then it prompt this error message ‘Error occured at:2007-08-03 16:08:35
Line no.:134
Error Code: 1303 - Can’t create a TRIGGER from within another stored routine’
and abort the restore process. Please help me on this topic, I am very thankful to you for any kind of help on this topic.

Thanks and Regards,

Which backup ?

MySQLdump ?

Which MySQL version ?

Which command do you have on the line mentioned ?

Which backup ? Backup of a Same database which again I want to restore it on it or to other database.

MySQLdump ? Actually I am using SQLYog and this backup is taken from there of a database.

Which MySQL version ? its 5.1

Which command do you have on the line mentioned ? I am not using any command, I am performing this with help of SQLYog.

First of all I like to say thanks for this considaration, with hope of reply.