Restore failing with error when restoring collection

Hi, I am using 1.15 operator version to deploy mongodb in sharded mode with daily backup.

When I am trying to test percona mongodb restore on new setup(with same secrets). Restore is failing at few collections. The size of collection in backup is around 80MB with around 80kb avg document size.

There are no errors in operator logs.

On shards, backup-agent, I see this error.
2024-03-28T04:33:33.056+0000 using 10 insertion workers
2024/03/28 04:33:36 [entrypoint] pbm-agent exited with code -1
2024/03/28 04:33:36 [entrypoint] restart in 5 sec
2024/03/28 04:33:41 [entrypoint] starting pbm-agent

In psmdb-restore status -
error: 'check cluster for restore dumpDone: convergeCluster: lost shard xyzrepset,
** last beat ts: 1711601271’**

  1. Can someone please suggest how to get more logs, or to troubleshoot problems related to it.
  2. Is it possible to provide mongrestore options to restore customer resource definition, like reducing num of workers etc.

Just for information, mongodb is running with 2GB of memory and backup agent is give 700M of memory.

The problem was solved after increasing memory for mongo instances…