Restarted a node but the service file hangs

I have a 2 node cluster (trying to get to 3 but keep running into issues). When I start node 2, it joins the cluster i can query the node. It is in sync with node 1. On the command line the service command doesn’t fully finish.

 sudo systemctl start mysql.service

MySQL is up I can query, check cluster size etc. But the command never finishes and I think this causes the node to stop. What would cause this issue?

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Hi @danarashad ,

I would look to the definition of your systemctl startup script as to why it is not returning a successful exit code of 0 . Check to see if you have any systemctl overrides defined, and compare these scripts across all three of your nodes.

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MySQL seems to not move to the background after sudo systemctl start mysql.service I believe once my connection was interrupted mysql is tied to my connection.

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