request execute slowly in PXC


I need some help please. I don’t understand when I execute this request :

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT crp.classifiedId) AS classifiedNb FROM ClassifiedRelProperty crp INNER JOIN ListValue lv ON = crp.listValueId INNER JOIN ListValueCreationRequest lvcr ON lvcr.targetListValueId = INNER JOIN RubricProperty rp ON = lvcr.rubricPropertyId INNER JOIN Classified c ON = crp.classifiedId WHERE lvcr.currentStatus = true AND lvcr.status = 0 AND c.rubricId = rp.rubricId AND crp.propertyId = rp.propertyId;

It’s very slow in node 1 and 3 (10 mn) and quick in my node 2 (0,35 s)

I don’t have errors in my log.

Do you know what’s the problem ?

Thx for your help

Compare the execution plan in both nodes with EXPLAIN. Maybe they are using different execution plans. Also, I assume that the hardware characteristics of both nodes are the same. Does this problem happen only with this query?