Repository for Alert Templates

Is there a repository for code samples used to create Alert Templates? (Prometheus?)

Similar to the code below I used to configure a disk space alert.


  • name: HostOutOfDiskSpace
    version: 1
    summary: HostOutOfDiskSpace
    expr: (node_filesystem_avail_bytes * 100) / node_filesystem_size_bytes < 20 and ON (instance, device, mountpoint) node_filesystem_readonly == 0
    severity: warning
    summary: Host out of disk space (instance {{ $labels.instance }})
    description: “Disk is almost full (< 20% left)\n VALUE = {{ $value }}\n LABELS = {{ $labels }}”
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Hi Mike,

There is no public repository with alert templates for PMM.

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I suppose I just need a list of metrics available for use within the PMM Alerts. Would this be available within the node_exporter documentation? Example : node_filesystem_avail_bytes


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Available metrics can be get in Explore.


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